Firebird St. Louis

7 Shot Screamers

7 Shot Screamers

Bible Belt Sinners, Ellen The Felon

Fri 06.22

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

$3 minor surcharge at the door

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7 Shot Screamers
7 Shot Screamers
Keep the Flame Alive, the title of the band's second and recent LP has captured thousands like a velvet glove with brass knuckles--Brutal and sophisticated at the same time. Based on youth, energy, taste and a mix of influences borrowed from 50´s rock´n´roll, 60´s garage-rock, 70´s glam and punk rock and everything after, the 7 Shot Screamers are the perfect rock and roll hybrid.

Since 1998, the 7 Shot Screamers have performed over 450 shows nationwide and over 13 festivals worldwide, bringing the Flame closer to the Rock 'n' Roll messiah, channeled by unforgettable energy and behavior, their live show has been second to none.

Fronted by vocalist, Mike Leahy who flips and wails like a demented psychopath that lays behind his dark eyes and big black hair. Bounty by Chris Powers Jr on the upright bass whose playing for the instrument sets a passion and flair that has never existed known to man. Stepped aside, standing in the dark is Dan Sabella on lead 6 string, glamorous and charming you with bends and slides that would make both Eddie Cochran and Adam Ant blush in jealousy. Putting the beat to your neighbor's wall is none other than Kevin O'Connor, whose class and coolness speaks volumes through his silver sparkle Gretsch drum kit.

In 1998, the 7 Shot Screamers released a 3-song 7" single which sold 500 copies locally and regionally and went out of print within 3 months of being released, within weeks of the single being released, their debut LP "I Was a Teenage 7 Shot Screamer" was released Independently and sold over 2,000 copies before being picked up by the Hepcat Records & Distribution catalog. On July 31st 2004, the 7 Shot Screamers' released their first LP in nearly 5 years and second LP to date, entitled "Keep the Flame Alive", recorded in the heart of Hollywood, California at Wolftone Studios, where pioneer and rock 'n' Roll legend, Levi Dexter of the Rockats stood in to produce the new album with Paul Roman of the Quakes on side to deliver a mix of what you hold in your hands of "Keep the Flame Alive". Selling over 2,000 copies Independently to date since it's release in July, "Keep the Flame Alive" has gathered alarming rant and raves while capturing the stereos of the youth of today and yetersday. The 7 Shot Screamers are also featured on "Friday Night Rumble" Compilation out on Run Wild Records as well "Rocked and Loaded Volume 2" on Rock 'n' Roll Purgatory Records, as well performing as backup band for Exene Cervenka's ("X") newest project, The Original Sinners (Nitro Records) in the Fall 2004 through Spring 2005, as well being featured on the Original Sinners newest record set for release in 2005.

Since the beginning, the 7 Shot Screamers has been tour support for The Stray Cats (Reunion Tour--Capitol), "X" (Reunion Tour/2004 West Coast Tour--Elektra), Demented are Go! (Fury / Hell Razor), Nashville Pussy (Ex Mbr of 9 Pd. Hammer--Artemis), the Original Sinners (Mbrs of "X", Nitro Records), Kim Lenz and the Jaguars (High Tone), Hifi & the Roadburners (Victory), Slim Jim Phantom (of the Stray Cats & 13 Cats), Hudson Falcons (GMM--Victory), "Demons" (Gearhead), Hasil Adkins (Norton), River City Rebels (Victory), theStart (Nitro), Action Action (Victory), the GC5 (Thick), John Wilkes Booze (Kill Rock Star), Three Bad Jacks (Mbrs of the Original Sinners & DJ Bonebrake of "X", Royal Krown Label), Twistin' Tarantulas, Coffin Bangers, Legendary Shack Shakers, Cigar Store Indians,Lords of the Highway, Big Sandy, Lots of the Altamont... and also playing at the NC Rebel Weekender (Four Consecutive yrs), NY Drop Dead Festival, and CA Macabre Festival...
Bible Belt Sinners
Bible Belt Sinners
If you're looking for a traditional rock band with a sweet female vocalist, keep looking.
Bible Belt Sinners have never been typical. Bringing to the table the raw power of a growling blues vocal with all the grittiness of a punk rock band, BBS combines such influences for an original sound and unforgettable experience. The drummer of BBS plays standing up, and makes it look easy. Grotto combines savvy style with high energy and often ends a song from three feet in the air.
Known for their live shows, BBS enjoy stage antics like feeding each other shots of whiskey will still playing and performing. Front Woman Miss Molly Simms joined the band in 2010, after her local win of the River Front Time's "Best Female Vocalist". Aside from her powerhouse vocals, Molly plays clean warm tone lead licks, reminiscent of her roots in blues music.
Doghouse bass player Myles Richardson is the youngest member of the band. He brings extraordinary energy and enthusiasm to the stage. His roots are based in twangy old country but he's no stranger to rock n' roll. The muddy, distorted and sometimes twangy lead guitar of Andrew Bono has been said to make the band sound larger than it actually is. Opening for Chuck Berry in 2010, BBS has been enjoying radio and television spots and a loyal and growing fan base of thousands.
The Bible Belt Sinners have taken the stage across the USA, charming every crowd large and small.
Bible Belt Sinners don't tip toe around country classics or play covers you're sick of hearing- their rendition of Ernest Tubb's "Saturday Satan, Sunday Saint" turns the song on it's head and gives it the new life it needs.
Original tunes are of course the band's focus, with most songs being co-written by the entire group, and some songs written solely by Ms. Simms. BBS is currently working on new songs for their upcoming album in 2014. Music can be heard at or
Ellen The Felon
Ellen The Felon