Firebird St. Louis

Air Dubai

Air Dubai

VibeSteady, Where's The Chief?

Wed 06.27

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is all ages

$3 minor surcharge at the door

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Air Dubai
Air Dubai
To describe Air Dubai as one thing, one sound, or one genre would be missing out on the other 100 things this band is. Whether soft and sweet like a love song or hard hitting and brash as a thunderstorm, Air Dubai blends genres, sounds and emotions without blinking an eye. With that said they're not trying to do anything but make heartfelt, believable music for the people who can't help but listen.

Born out of the mostly lacking climate that is Denver Hip Hop, MC Julian Thomas and MC/Singer Jon Shockness created Air Dubai as a way to shake up the norms of not only Colorado Hip Hop but Hip Hop in general. This plan was put into strong action when in October of 2008 the duo released their independent album "The Early October", a jazz tinged Hip Hop album that's topics ranged from love songs, to songs about the conflict between America and the middle east.

Quickly after "The Early October" was released the duo began writing and producing for an electronic Hip Hop EP which they were to title "The Okay Lemonade EP". However, by April of 2008 this EP was scrapped when both Jon and Julian decided they wanted to move into a more organic sound. Directly following the release of their last duo recording "The Party On! EP", a EP featuring the song "Party On!", 3 remixes and a acapella version for producers, both members decided the next step for Air Dubai was to move out of beats and move into a newer sound. Thus, transforming Air Dubai from a duo to a full 7 member band.

This change of instrumentation also changed the overall feel and spirit of Air Dubai. Adding members, Nick Spreigl on Drums, Wesley Watkins on Trumpet, Taylor Tait on Bass, Lawrence Grivich on Guitar and Michael Ray on Keys/Synth- Air Dubai was no longer a Hip Hop group but a group that could branch out and permeate the constrictions of the music they had previously created. With this, not only did their sound grow but their live performance improved as well. Colorado Magazine "Colorado Music Buzz" wrote about the group's live show and debut album saying "Not only did the young wordsmiths create an album that would lead one to believe they are more seasoned than some of their peers, but also do what so many of their predecessors seem to forgo: perform with unmatched tenacity."

The journey for Air Dubai has just begun and with their upcoming full band release on the way, Air Dubai is ready to take music to a whole new altitude

"Sitting at the judges' table, it was clear from the moment Denver hip-hop/rock group Air Dubai finished their first song that they'd be winning the competition." - Dave Burdick, Colorado Daily - Battle of Bands Review (October 26, 2009)

"(As) Air Dubai continues to find success in an ever-turbulent scene, we (can) take comfort knowing that their rise isn't based on some sort of hype created by a machine, but merely a product of their hard work, dedication and natural talent." - 7 Day, Colorado Music Buzz (September 1, 2009)

"Right now, the Front Range is brimming with a staggering number of talented hip-hop purveyors, an impressive class that includes Air Dubai" - Dave Herrera, Westword Magazine (June 9, 2009)

"I love it! Gym Class Heroes with more R&B influence. Really cool" - Chris Gordon, The Summer Circuit (Band) (Jul 09, 2009)

"It's going to be a treat to watch this act develop." - Eryc Eyl, Westword Magazine (April 16, 2009)

"These songs sound like they've been percolating in the imaginations of Julian Thomas and Jon Shockness for years in terms of what would make for killer hip-hop songs." - Tom Murphy, Westword Magazine (February 18, 2009)
Where's The Chief?