Firebird St. Louis

Riverboat Gamblers

Riverboat Gamblers

Cobra Skulls, Wild Roses, Left Arm, The Pencil Dicks

Wed 10.24

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


This event is all ages

$3 minor surcharge at the door

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Riverboat Gamblers
Riverboat Gamblers
The Riverboat Gamblers are a punk rock band originally from Denton, Texas but now residing in Austin, Texas. The band first received attention from major record labels after their energetic and rowdy showcase at the 2003 South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival in Austin, Texas, but the band ultimately signed with indie label Gearhead Records.
In 2005 they were signed to Volcom Entertainment and performed a stint on the 2005 Warped Tour, where the band was often noticed for its deranged live shows. The silliness of some of the earlier material has given way to a more complex breadth of material about America's maligned. They opened for Rancid and Rise Against in the summer of 2009. They have also appeared on the soundtracks to the videogames Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, Madden 07 and Skate 2. In 2010 they began to perform on the Vans Warped Tour in the United States.
Cobra Skulls
Cobra Skulls
When Devin from the Cobra Skulls sat down to write Agitations, the third Cobra Skulls full length and
first for Fat Wreck Chords, due out Sept. 27, he found himself in a different situation than he’d ever been
in before. I’ll let him tell you all about it:

“In the past I’ve always written songs sporadically and when it seemed as though a song wanted to
write itself, but for our new album, Agitations, the process was a little different because time was a bit
of a constraint… I had less than a month to write an entire album. Solitude was definitely a necessity for
me to write…so I moved into a cheap, dirty, weekly motel in Reno”

The result is thirteen of the most blistering, concise Cobra Skulls songs ever assembled in album form.
Only one track clocks in at over three minutes and as usual, the band is almost incomprehensibly angry
at the world at large. No target is too weird, too outside the normal realm of traditional punk angst for
the Cobra Skulls. Agitations sets its sites on the crumbling economy, our unsustainable auto-obsessed
culture, the xenophobia bred in the post 9-11 political climate, their own families and friends and
prisons that are run like profit-turning businesses. Nothing’s spared in the latest from these hyper-
intelligent, incisive, uncompromising, politically charged, lovelorn misanthropes, but that’s par for the
course for an album from Reno’s favorite sons.

Formed in 2005 in the Biggest Little City in the World, Cobra Skulls began packing basements and
garages around the southwest before catching the attention of Red Scare Industries in 2006, where
they dropped two full lengths and began to make noise on a more national level. Fat Mike eventually
got the message that an angry punk band with an unclassifiable sound that seemed to simultaneously
worship Bad Religion, the Misfits, The Clash, and Mike Ness’s rockabilly songs was making the rounds,
so he signed ‘em up in a hurry and helped them put out the critically acclaimed 2011 ep Bringing the
War Home. When it was time for a debut Fat Wreck full length, the Cobra Skulls hit Motor Studios in
San Francisco (NOFX, Lagwagon, pretty much everything on Fat from the 90’s) to record Agitations, the
results are 13 songs that Fat Mike has since referred to as ‘the best’ Cobra Skulls album to date. In the
words of Devin: “Every song has a distinct personality. Some are fast, some are mid-tempo… Some songs
sound influenced by blues, rockabilly, pop and some even have hints of jazz, funk and folk, but all songs
are rooted in an old school punk spirit.”

The Cobra Skulls are renowned for their nonstop touring and the cycle for Agitations will be no
exception. For starters, they’ll be hitting the whole of North America with Nothington, including a stop
at the Fest in Gainesville. After that, you know how it goes. They’re going around the world to scream
about the fucked up injustices that plague the world in both English and Spanish. And if you don’t
speak either of those? Well, you can just marvel at the seamless blending of punk, ska, blues, jazz and
rockabilly that the Cobra Skulls are known for. Or you can explain how you’ve read this bio, because
that’s pretty impressive too.
Wild Roses
Wild Roses
Left Arm
Left Arm
LEFT ARM.. is a a loud-ass garage punk rock n' roll band from St. Louis, MO. We've recorded some music and played some shows. We aim to continue both traditions. Come see us play. We'll buy you booze and give you lapdances. LEFT ARM was nominated for "Best Garage Band" in the 2008 Riverfront Times music poll and was selected as "Best Garage Band" in the 2008 Best Of St. Louis. LEFT ARM loves to play arenas and large festivals where we can unite everyone in music, but we also love to play more intimate venues where we can be closer to our fans. LEFT ARM has opened for: The Briefs, Davila 666, Gore Gore Girls, GitoGito Hustler, The Riverboat Gamblers, Valient Thorr, MOTO, The Boss Martians, The Pink Spiders, Modey Lemon, Velcro Lewis, The Safes, Howlies, Crimson Sweet, The Spunks, Diamond Nights, The Giraffes, Radio Moscow, The Litigators, and lots more..
The Pencil Dicks
The Pencil Dicks