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Chevy Woods, Berner

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Chevy Woods


Kid Slim, BigReg, Austin Cain

Tue 04.16

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$13.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

$3 minor surcharge at the door

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Chevy Woods
Chevy Woods
Surviving in the city of Pittsburgh, PA is tough, Maintaining a level of celebrity and surviving in the city of Pittsburgh is a whole other struggle. For Pittsburgh native Kev "Tha Hustla" Woods surviving these streets means being a Hustler and Kev brings a 'Hood Savvy flow, with the word-play of a seasoned vet to the game. This maybe your first time getting a glimpse at what tha Hustla has to offer, but Tha Corner's Correspondent isn't your average artist, and Pittsburgh isn't your average city. A city thats known for "Perogies & Steel Mills" the Steel City has evolved into one of the most entertaining cities in the Nation. On any given weekend you could check out a Pitt Basketball game, goto a Penguins game, see the Steelers in action, or fall off into a hip-hop show. These days you'll probably catch him (Kev tha Hustla) on stage before you see him in the street, but he's always at work. Puttin in a long hours at the studio and gettin his time-in on stage alongside fellow Pittsburgh music veteran Wiz Khalifa. Kev Tha Hustla's Resume': Hustler's Dream Hustler's Envy Monster Musik Tha Corner's Correspondent Animal (The Mixtape) and tons of features. No stranger to the hip hop scene creating not only a name for himself in the Pittsburgh area but gaining a buzz far past the tri-state area.
Taylor Gang Affiliate and Bay Area rapper Berner spoke to about his newest mixtape Urban Farmer thats currently available online.
While some fans are still getting to know who Berner is, Berner isn't new to the genre.
The rapper has released as many as 10 independent solo projects over the course of his career, to a devoted fan base up and down the West Coast and across the Midwest and Southern states.
"The Bay has always been ground zero for swag and making it happen on the independent level, so working with Taylor Gang is big. I been doing this dog and I have like 10 albums out and my own label, so its just a good experience to switch over and still do my own thing," Berner told "I signed a four or five album deal with Wiz's own label, and I think I'll prob do another mixtape and then drop an album. It seems like everything is good, this is my first time that I ever dropped a mixtape, because I was about that bread trying to get that paper. I was comfortable selling 23,000 copies. I got my bread and I was cool. You have some mixtapes that shut down the internet so I didn't know how it would do but we are at over 25,000 views in the first few days."
When asked about how he came up with the medicinal marijuana friendly title for his mixtape, Berner simply said that he was inpired by a fan that showed him several pictures of his herbal grow set up.
"What made me think of it, is that everyone grows weed in the Bay Area. I was doing a show in the Modesto and this tatted up, street dude came up to me and he showed me all these pics on his phone of his grow set up. I was like, 'Damn, this dude is growing tree too?' Its nothing but urban farmers out here. Now you have everyone growing herb and before it was just old white dudes in the hills. I want to embrace that culture and let people know that its real, its a culture," Berner explained.
Not only has Berner been known to be an outspoken supporter of medicinal marijuana use, but he also is no stranger to the strip clubs.
He combined the world's in his "Stoner Girls Gone Wild," video series, where Berner pushes internet censorship to the limits.
"Just type in 'Berner,' and 'Stoner Girls Gone Wild,' and you will know what we are about. You will be like, 'What the f**k?' I made a b***h hit the Trippy Stick with her p****y, and I made this other chick smoke it with her ass. The first one got a million views on the first day, the second one did several million the first day too," Berner said.
"I be in the strip club. As soon as I get off the road today, I'm gonna change and I dont care if its 7:30, 8:30, 10:30 or 11:30, I be in the strip club, thats how we run," he added.
As far as Berner's music and his mixtape, he put together 21-tracks for his old and new fans that are just catching on, as he joins forces with Wiz's Taylor Gang movement.
"Yea man its 21-tracks and we did it pretty quick. In like month we put it together, so I just knocked it out quick. All the features just happened real fast, the features on 'Certified Freak' and the Chris Brown track all happened quick," Berner said.
Kid Slim
Kid Slim
Chicago's Kid Slim has a pretty impressive history in music. In 2011, he claimed the #1 spot on datpiff with his Slimstones mixtape. Then, in 2012, he again claimed the #1 spot with his Stay Young mixtape.  It seems he can't be stopped. Today, he released his latest project titled Freshman 15, and he's aiming for that top spot yet again. But hey, it's not all about the numbers, but they do speak for something. The real magic comes when you hit the play button and you go from one track to the next. In addition to being catchy (its hella-catchy), it's all real stuff. This stuff really happened to the kid. The tape is focused on his experience of the college life, prior to him dropping out and perusing music. Each track is a polished piece of work with excellent beat selection and even better rhymes. This is one of those rare projects that you can listen from start to finish and enjoy every track.