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Another year has come and gone here at the ol’ Firebird and 2013 brought us some seriously incredible shows. We saw returns from past favorites such as Melvins, Pinback, Deer Tick, Big Freedia, Less than Jake, Every Time I Die, and Dessa; hosted tons of comedy shows with Doug Benson, Whitest Kids U’Know, Jay Chandrasekhar, Hannibal Buress, and more. Our calendar was as eclectic and impressive as ever: Boris, Deerhoof, Death Grips, Black Angels, Black Moth Super Rainbow, The 1975, Yeasayer, Panic! at the Disco, Dead Milkmen, Saint Vitus, The Men, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Baths, Built to Spill, Andrew WK, Man Man + Murder by Death, and Glenn Tilbrook are just a portion of the incredible acts that graced our stage this year.

We could not have had a more successful or fun year and it’s all thanks to the wonderful national and local acts that came through, our amazingly hardworking staff, all the photographers/writers who featured us in their articles or wrote reviews, and (especially) you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, for a truly unforgettable year. Now, on to the shows!

Top Ten, as voted by Firebird staff
1. El-P and Killer Mike: Run the Jewels(7/17)
“In front of heavy beats and a spartan stage graced only with a few lone microphone stands and a table reserved for the ubiquitous laptop, five rappers filled the remaining empty space with their quick-fire poetry. In the words of one of the headliners, Killer Mike, this was church. So we paid attention and exalted.”KDHX

2. Melvins(7/23)
“It’s become safe to say that even if you are not a fan of the Melvins, your favorite bands probably are. Nirvana, Faith No More, Tool and countless others have cited Melvins as a major influence, and it is probably the band most directly responsible for the entire stoner/sludge/doom movement after Black Sabbath. And seeing them live is kind of like seeing Sabbath on a smaller scale, but instead of blowing it by firing the original drummer, it just hired another awesome drummer to back him up.”RFT

3. Pinback(9/21)

4. Father John Misty(1/18+6/14)
“Misty came out swinging — he literally swung from the rafters during “Well, You Can Do It Without Me” — and kept a sold-out crowd wide-eyed and excited. I do not doubt we looked like a litter of Labradors to Misty and company.”KDHX (on the 6/14 show)

5. Dead Milkmen(6/8)

6. Doug Benson(5/4)

7. Baroness(6/5)
“Being a stranger after this show was impossible. There’s something really unexplainable about the connection made between music and audience at a live show, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. But last night, what was even more powerful was the love between Baroness and the music.”KDHX

8. Whitest Kids U’Know(4/3)

9. Deer Tick(11/3)
“Serving up a cocktail of grunge-infused rock ‘n’ roll with a dash of swampy twang, Deer Tick assured fans at the Firebird that Monday morning was no reason to hold back on a Sunday night.” –KDHX

10. The Front Bottoms(6/24)

Hannibal Buress(4/13)
Against Me!(9/19)

Individual Ballots

2. Fister’s Gemini CD Release(3/29)
3. Deep Sea Diver(5/1)
4. Boris(5/12)
5. Torche(6/2)
6. The Menzingers(6/3)
7. Baroness(6/5)
8. Paper Route(6/19)
9. Bad Rabbits(7/19)
10. Everything Went Black Mosenthian EP Release(9/5)
11. Every Time I Die(12/12)

1. Run the Jewels(7/17)
2. Run the Jewels(7/17)
3. Washed Out(11/13)
4. …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead(7/15)
5. Marty DeRosa(10/5)
6. Menomena(2/26)
7. Hannibal Buress(4/13)
8. Dillinger Escape Plan(5/11)

1. Kurt Vile(8/17)
2. Unknown Mortal Orchestra(3/19)
3. Besnard Lakes(4/23)
4. Melvins (7/23)
5. Deerhoof(4/4)
6. Boris w/ Pallbearer(5/12)
(of the three Pallbearer shows at Firebird this year, this one was the best performance)
7. Dead Milkmen(6/8)
8. Father John Misty (6/14)
9. Best Coast(9/16)
(but only for Bleached)
10.  Front Bottoms(6/24)
(I didnt want to like them, and I haven’t bought their records, but they were so adorable live it was undeniable.)


1. The Almost(1/25)
2. The Wonder Years(3/20)
3. Pinback(3/21)
4. Whitest Kids U’Know(4/3)
5. Paper Route(6/19)
6. The Front Bottoms(6/24)
7. Yeasayer(6/27)
8. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster(7/3)
9. Panic! at the Disco(8/13)
10. The 1975(10/18)

Balance and Composure(10/3)
The Front Bottoms(6/24)
Morning Teleportation(4/11)
4. Doug Benson(5/4)
Laura Stevenson(3/19)
Foxing CD Release Show(11/15)
Sean Bonnette(4/15)
Run the Jewels(7/17)
Whitest Kids U’Know(4/3)

Honorable Mentions:
The 1975(10/18)
The Menzingers/Fake Problems(6/3)

1. Judah Friedlander(2/8)
2. Pinback(3/12)
3. Jay Chandrasekhar(4/20)
4. Doug Benson(5/4)
5. Deer Tick(5/6)
6. Har Mar Superstar(5/7)
7. Andrew WK(5/22)
8. Built to Spill(10/20)
9. And So I Watch You From Afar(10/28)
10. TILTS(12/28)

Father John Misty(1/18)
2. Judah Friedlander(2/8)
3. Doug Benson(5/4)
4. Boris(5/12)
5. …And You Will know Us by the Trail of Dead(7/15)
6. Run the Jewels(7/17)
7. Melvins(7/23)
8. Against Me!(9/19)
9. FIDLAR(9/28)
10. Kadavar(10/1)

1. Father John Misty(1/8)
2. Graveyard(2/2)
3. Man Man(2/18)
4. Pinback(3/21)
5. Hannibal Buress(4/13)
6. Baroness(6/5)
7. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead(7/15)
8. Melvins(7/23)
9. FIDLAR(9/28)
10. Deer Tick(11/3)

1. Against Me!(9/19)
2. Every Time I Die(12/12)
3. Jay Chandrasekhar(4/20)
4. Andrew WK(5/22)
5. Torche(6/2)
6. Swingin Utters(6/17)
7. An Under Cover Weekend Night 2(9/21)
8. Masked Intruder(7/26)
9. Dead Milkmen(6/8)
10. DRI(2/20)

2. Chop Tops(8/31)
3. Scott H. Biram(9/15)
4. Bob Log III(7/20)
5. Fuck Off and Dies(9/1)
6. D.R.I.(2/20)
7. Swinging Utters(6/17)
8. Against Me!(9/19)

1. Less than Jake(11/17)
2. Run the Jewels(7/17)
3. Melvins(7/23)
4. The Whitest Kids U’Know(4/3)
5. Yeasayer(6/27)
6. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin(10/12)
7. El Ten Eleven(5/23)
8. Hannibal Buress(4/13)
9. Black Angels(5/8)
10. Laura Stevenson/The Black Pacific(3/19)

1. Dead Milkmen(6/8)
2. Melvins(7/23)
3. Run the Jewels(7/17)
4. Everything Went Black Mosenthian EP Release(9/5)
5. Saint Vitus(10/6)
6. Deer Tick(11/3)
7. The Lion’s Daughter(11/30)
8. FIDLAR(10/28)
9. Scott H. Biram(9/15)
10. Death Grips(6/13)

1. Big Freedia(10/24)
2. Washed Out(11/13)
3. Yeasayer(6/23)
4. Pinback(9/21)
5. Deerhoof(4/4)
6. Boris(5/12)
7. Black Moth Super Rainbow(5/15)
8. Man Man(2/18)
9. Run the Jewels(7/17)
10. Howl(8/23)

1. Run the Jewels(7/17)
2. Baroness(6/5)
3. Pallbearer(8/7)
4. Dead Milkmen(6/8)
5. Dessa(7/30)
6. Pinback(9/21)
7. Glenn Tilbrook(10/8)
8. Washed Out(11/13)
9. The Lion’s Daughter(11/30)
10. Black Fast CD Release Show(8/16)

Honorable Mentions:
Against Me!(9/19)

Photos courtesy of Bryan Sutter

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