Firebird St. Louis

ZZ Ward

ZZ Ward

Yellow Red Sparks, Felix and Lyons

Mon 12.03

Doors: 7:13 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$13.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

$3 minor surcharge at the door

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ZZ Ward
ZZ Ward
I was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Oregon, in a small town called Roseburg. I grew up listening to my Dad write and sing the blues and started performing with him in his blues bands when I was a kid. I fell in love with the sincerity of Etta, the soul of Muddy and the power of Big Mama. When I got older I started writing hooks for and performing with local rappers from Eugene. I fell in love with hip-hop, with it's authenticity. Now I'm married to em both. DIRTY SHINE!
Yellow Red Sparks
Yellow Red Sparks
All of us struggle. All of us experience pain. All of us feel frustration and confusion. Every single one of us carries the weight of fear, hope and loss. As a result, many of us become living, breathing, overloaded, counterweight backpacks. This is the daily thought process of songwriter Joshua Hanson, son of a lounge-singing mother and a theatrically trained father, who in turn became the genetic catalyst of their combined melancholia. Hanson compels us to look within ourselves for the truth, guiding us as we navigate through our own deepest personal relationships while allowing us to relate to the complexity of where he's coming from.

Growing up in Yellow Pine, Idaho and eventually relocating to Southern California, Joshua began writing and performing under the solo acoustic moniker, Yellow Red Sparks. He quickly grew a passionate local following and self released an EP on iTunes entitled, "Simply Put ME In YOUR Place". Since then he has added Goldy (drums and vocals) and Sara Lynn (upright bass, piano, vocals and banjo) as full time members and together, they take Hanson's songs of heartache and make us want to fall in love.

The band has recently completed their first full-length record and released an introductory EP entitled, "Four Steps In Corsets" in June through ORG Music. The upcoming full-length, which includes three tracks from their debut EP, was produced by Ted Hutt (Gaslight Anthem, Lucero, Flogging Molly), mixed by Grammy award winner, Ryan Hewitt (Avett Brothers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Colbie Caillat), and mastered by multi-Grammy award winner, Brian Lucey (The Shins, Sigur Rós, The Black Keys). On record, the trio successfully weaves the bare roots of songwriting, the rich harmonies of choir and the symphonic arrangements of old film to create a cinematic texture of their own.

With a strong emphasis on lyrical content, Yellow Red Sparks create music with a timeless feel and continues the tradition of providing an open and honest perspective to raw universal emotions that come with the everyday trials of life.

"They are everything an indie band should be: melodic, rhythmic, lyrically sensitive yet positive. Oh, and extra indie points for having an introverted female cellist. Singer Josh Hanson has a voice reminiscent of the distinct Collin Meloy of the Decemberists (he has thick, black glasses and everything!). Whether Yellow Red Sparks have you singing along ("and the tickets were free"), contemplating deep lyrics or swaying with the melody, chances are you're enjoying yourself—whether it's your first or 20th listen." - OC Weekly, Best Indie Band 2012

"Hanson has an instantly recognizable style, and he finds a way to fit his, at times, wordy phrases into coherent, pleasantly constructed melodies. He then fits these phrases and melodies into the songs through experimenting with and mastering changing, complex vocal patterns. The result is very impressive and presents a seemingly effortless display of musical mastery. It is this very feature that creates the instantly recognizable quality of Yellow Red Sparks." - Music In Press
Felix and Lyons
Felix and Lyons
“Chicago-based Alternative Folk band Felix and Lyons are
up-and-coming and already have one of the key ingredients to success:
a unique and compelling sound. Felix's sober and sardonic sounding
voice (think of a deeper, more robust Willie Nelson)is perfectly
complemented by Lyons' sweet-as-honey singing. Intertwined together
the two voices create a sound that is both familiar and poignant with
a unique take on the genre, expertly mixing Alternative and Folk. ”

-Allison Floyd on